Thank you for the consideration.
We are Cleanosaur — a mobile application and online website that connects customers to a cleaner. You can register for a profile, chat with a cleaner, track the cleaners arrival and completion, rate and review, tip and provide payment through stripe connect. The website, Cleanosaur and Cleanosaur Pro apps are all interconnected to connect customers and cleaners. When a request is sent from the app or website- it hits every phone within 50 miles. You can watch a snapchat style “Nice to Meet You,” video, review their profile and work history, accept the customer or cleaner.
  • We are engaging over 100+ cleans per month
  • Its free for cleaners and customers to register
  • We are cleaning in Las Vegas, Dallas, College Station, Houston, San Antonio, Tampa, New York, California, UK

IOS Customer:
IOS Cleanosaur Pro:
Google Play Customer:
Google Play Cleaner:

We think we can beat out Thumbtack, Handy, Task Rabbit with further, and continued development.
  • We offer free registration for service providers, and pay them 90% commission– better than industry average of 79%
  • We offer instant connection to an online cleaner at the press of a button, and at a price that the customer chooses (average chosen price ranges between $85 and $105)
  • Our branding of Cleanosaur is different (fun, friendly, millennial, catchy name, logos, and slogan)

Author: Cleanosaur

Request. Connect. Fresh. Go to to Request A Clean Twitter: @Cleanosaur Instagram: Cleanosaur, Cleanasaur Snap: Cleanosaur Imgur: Cleanosaur Facebook: Cleanosaur IPhone App: Android App:

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