House Cleaning


Cleanosaur Clean & Tidy Home Services – No More Mess In Your Dream Home

Whether it’s an apartment, condominium or a penthouse, owning a dream home always reflect the time, money, and manpower that you have invested over the years. Here, at CLEANOSAUR, our sole objective is to provide best-in-class house cleaning services in Dallas that helps you keep your dream home maintained for years to come.

No matter, whether it’s a weekend party mess, or you need a maid for complex household chores, with CLEANOSAUR, you have local cleaning professional just a click away!

Gone are the days of making appointments! Simply install CLEANOSAUR in your mobile device, setup an account, search house cleaning services near me, answer a few questions related to your needs, connect with a cleaning professional and finalize the request, make the payment and get your cleaning task done the right way, at the most competitive prices.

What’s more interesting is in-built- GPS feature in CLEANSOUR!

Yes, you got it right! With GPS feature, you can also keep real-time track of professionals heading for offering house cleaning services at your destination, while professionals can easily get way-to-way directions to your destination.

Still not find a suitable provider of house cleaning services in Dallas? Install CLEANOSAUR, and get your task done in a few hours!


Author: Cleanosaur

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