Keep Your Home in Top Shape

Cleanosaur – Keep Your Home In Top Shape

Your Trusted Cleaning Partner – Cleanosaur is at your help whenever you need maid or housekeeping services in Texas for all your cleaning needs.

Local professionals, quick approach, and effective results, everything just a few clicks away. Simply create an account, request a cleaner, pay the fees, and get your task done with excellence and high professionalism.

At Cleanosaur, we aim at providing a unique platform to local professionals and where they can showcase their skills, and receive job requests, as per their expertise and within their locality.

Still looking for cost-effective maid services in Dallas or housekeeping services in Frisco? Install Cleanosaur now, search housekeeping and maid services near me, and get your task done efficiently, without headaches.


Author: Cleanosaur

Request. Connect. Fresh. Go to to Request A Clean Twitter: @Cleanosaur Instagram: Cleanosaur, Cleanasaur Snap: Cleanosaur Imgur: Cleanosaur Facebook: Cleanosaur IPhone App: Android App:

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