Hire the Right Cleaner

Hire the Right Cleaning Professional with Cleanosaur to Brighten Up Untidy Apartments

Cleanosaur, an easy-to-use cleaning professionals’ search application, offers a range of cleaning services, including apartment cleaning, house cleaning, professional cleaning, and office cleaning. What set them apart from the crowd is their unique web and mobile application that they have introduced for cleaning professionals as well as customers. A two-way process, Cleanosaur allows cleaning professionals to register themselves, showcase their expertise, and accept requests from the customers, while helping home and office owners directly get in touch with cleaning professionals present in their locality, get their task done in a tidy way, rate and review the professionals, and make payment for their services.

In-built with GPS tracking, Cleanosaur not only provides professionals with way-to-way directions to customer’s destination, it also helps customers keep track of professional’s real-time location. Available on both, Google Play and Apple App Store, Cleanosaur is presently accessible all across the United States of America, providing world-class maid and housekeeping services in major cities, including Dallas, Texas, Allen, Frisco, Plano, Irvine, Grapevine, and Fort Worth, just to name a few. All of the cleaning professionals who are registered with Cleanosaur has years of experience working in the industry and deliver best results, beyond customer’s expectations. Those looking for amazing cleaning services for their homes and offices can visit the company’s website, Cleanosaur.com, download their mobile app or use their web application, to find a suitable cleaning professional, as per their needs and budget.

Talking more about their application, one of their representatives stated, “All cleaners and customers will be able to provide a star rating, and written review to each other after a cleaning request is completed. Their profiles will show the percentage of the requests accepted, cleans canceled, and current average rating. The customer will be able to provide a Tip to the cleaner for a great quality outcome, and experience. All of our cleaning professionals are friendly, provide a great human experience, practice our expected core behaviors, and ensure a great quality clean.”

About Cleanosaur

Cleanosaur is a website and mobile application platform that connects a customer to a cleaning professional. A customer simply fills out their work order request for a local Cleanosaur Professional to accept. Then the customer can chat with the cleaner, track their progress, rate and review, and tip their cleaner. Cleanosaur provides service to every single city in the United States. Simply download the mobile application for Cleanosaur or go to the website and register for free online for a cleaning service.

For more information, please visit: https://www.cleanosaur.com/


House Cleaning

URL: https://www.cleanosaur.com/cleaning_services/house_cleaning.html

Cleanosaur Clean & Tidy Home Services – No More Mess In Your Dream Home

Whether it’s an apartment, condominium or a penthouse, owning a dream home always reflect the time, money, and manpower that you have invested over the years. Here, at CLEANOSAUR, our sole objective is to provide best-in-class house cleaning services in Dallas that helps you keep your dream home maintained for years to come.

No matter, whether it’s a weekend party mess, or you need a maid for complex household chores, with CLEANOSAUR, you have local cleaning professional just a click away!

Gone are the days of making appointments! Simply install CLEANOSAUR in your mobile device, setup an account, search house cleaning services near me, answer a few questions related to your needs, connect with a cleaning professional and finalize the request, make the payment and get your cleaning task done the right way, at the most competitive prices.

What’s more interesting is in-built- GPS feature in CLEANSOUR!

Yes, you got it right! With GPS feature, you can also keep real-time track of professionals heading for offering house cleaning services at your destination, while professionals can easily get way-to-way directions to your destination.

Still not find a suitable provider of house cleaning services in Dallas? Install CLEANOSAUR, and get your task done in a few hours!

Apartment Cleaning

URL: https://www.cleanosaur.com/cleaning_services/apartment_cleaning.html

Cleanosaur Apartment Cleaning Services in Dallas – Make You Feel Wonderful Every Time You Enter Your Apartment

At Cleanosaur, we aim at providing you one-of-a-kind apartment cleaning services from your neighborhood cleaning experts. The next generation web and mobile application, Cleanosaur is your only partner when it comes to cleaning your messy apartment properly.

The next generation cleaning services search platform – CLEANOSAUR has been developed with advanced technologies, keeping in mind Dallas citizens need for best-in-class apartment cleaning services. Every professional joining with CLEANOSAUR has years of experience working in the industry, and can bring life to even the disrupted apartments in a matter of hours.

With hundreds of local cleaning professionals available right at your fingertips, what you have to do is just pay a few bucks and get your cleaning tasks done, without any hassle.

And, the process – it’s like eating a piece of cake….

You need to create a profile with Cleanosaur, and search apartment cleaning services near me. Then, you need to answer few quick questions about what type of clean you are looking for. Go connect with a Cleanosaur Pro using our GPS tracking system. Use chat feature to finalize request details. Make the payment and get your task done as per your requirements.

So, what are you waiting for! Get apartment cleaning services in Dallas at the most competitive prices with CLEANOSAUR – Your Trusted Cleaning Partner!