Become A Cleanosaur

Here you can register to Become A Cleanosaur! Fill out the form below, and this will send a notification to our company email. We will immediately reach out to confirm your registration with Cleanosaur. We will verify, review, approve and then begin sending you jobs to start cleaning homes, apartments, offices, etc. All of our communication is engaged through email, text, phone. We transfer payment via pay pal directly into your account at the completion of every clean. You simply need to have a pay pal account, or register for a pay pal account. We will handle all communication with the customer regarding your contact information, and ensure that when you are arrive, everyone is aware, and the cleaning is ready to start in a safe, comfortable human experience environment. At the completion of the clean we will pay you. Not the customer. Simply shake hands, thank the customer, and check your pay pal account.